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FAM Institute

'A School with a Promise'

The FAM Institute was founded in 2001 as an independent full gospel (international) continuous educational bible college. This mandated is through our appointment by God, to expand the territory, and capture all who desire to know more of God's Word. We were also instructed to raised the level of standard in the kingdom so that we can win the war that has strongly defected our abilities to freely flow in the soul-winning process in the body of Christ.

We offer an opportunity to you and any local faith body that wants to equip their minister, leader, and those in the body of Christ who desires sound doctrine, spiritual empowerment, enhancement in spiritual life principles, and equipment in the ministerial gifts. These tools are for the work of the ministry, edifying of the soul, and the perfecting of the body. We embrace you with well-qualified staff, Bishop Christopher Ellis serves as Chancellor and Apostle Heidi Ellis as President/ CEO.

FAM. Institute Bible College & Seminary are sessions of Bible enhancement with a spiritual prophetic and doctrinal sound foundation. We offer theses Bible session at the school for a low-cost payment. Our correspondence program is eight weeks accredited courses, as low as $50.00 per month, school material not included. Payment plan available through fampay.

FAM Institute is now a full Christian accredited bible college and seminary. We are dedicated to the call through Christ to provide a source of educational courses and methods for those who wish to show themselves approved unto God and by man. Our undergraduate and graduate level credentials are earned through prescribed courses of study with a wide range of degrees: Associate, Bachelor, Doctorate of Theology, Masters of Divinity, Divinity to practical Counseling and much more. We offer Certificates and have an Honorary Doctoral Degree program to those that have many years of labor and exemplary service to the Body of Christ. Scholarship Funding available!

Come and join with us as we labor together to earn your ministerial licenses, ministry diploma, doctoral certificate, seminary degree and much more. This Institute will cultivate your beliefs to your full purpose. Our primary mission is to equip men and women to minister the Word of God with power and maintain the abilities to stand on truth and not fall for any and every wind of doctrine. You will be able to foster your full potential.

The online course is now available. Go to our website and register to earn your Associate, Bachelor, Masters, or Correspondence courses.

Enroll Now! Call us for information about the school and classes. Upcoming classes for 2019-2020 semester.

Enroll Now! Space still available.


Admission Office: 773-972-7023

Office: 708-271-5866

Home Study Courses:

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit - $10.00

The doctrine of Angels -$10.00

Ministry in the Making -$25.00

Perfecting the Prophetic - $20.00

Building the Fundamental - $25.00

Petitions that Works - $20.00

Advancing the Kingdom - 25.00

To purchase these books click bookstore tab

Register now for the 2019 - 2020 semester:

Offering Accredit Courses

Earn a Bachelor, Associate, Doctrine & Masters degree in Theology

This is a fully accredited Bible College and Seminary

member of the World Wide Accreditation Commission

Call for more information

Saturday Courses - (2019 - 2020)


Admin. fee $35.00 - (non-refundable)

Scholarship Funding available!

Building the Fundamentals- Dr. LaVada Kelley

Knowing the Holy Spirit - Dr. Pamela Ross


advance classes

Ministry in the Making - Dr. Yvonne Wilson

Prayer School - Dr. Debra Gaines


Perfecting the Prophetic - Dr. Leonda Garmon

Advancing the Kingdom- Dr. Heidi Ellis


High School Diploma or GED

A 2,000-word thesis - (Tba)

Active church attendee

Coorespondence courses available as low as $25.00

Link here to enroll: School

For more info about our graduate course, go to the school website:

School Location:

1115 west 79th street

Chicago, Illinois

Phone: (773) 972-7023

Dr. Heidi Ellis - President/CEO

Dr. Debra Gaines - Dean of School

Dr. Sandra Ellis - Dean of Finance

Monique French - Director of Student Affairs

Felecia Ellis - Dean of Operation

Countina Walker - Director of Technology

Bishop Christopher Ellis - Chancellor

'Your spiritual enhancement is worth your investment'

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