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Apostle (Bishop) Christopher Ellis

"The Dancing Bishop"


ELLIS was born and raised in the 'Windy City', 

Chicago, Illinois. He was taught and given strong 

spiritual principles and values during his childhood 

days. He also had developed a strong relationship 

with the lord in his youth. As he matured, he had truly 

realized the call and mandate by God on his life.

Bishop graduated from Wendell Phillips High School. He then proceeded his studies in ministry as the call became more demand in his life. Bishop Ellis has served richly in the kingdom as an assistant pastor, troubleshooter of administration, armor bearer to the pastor, and a traveling evangelist during a season of his ministry. Now, he is the pastor and overseer of The Fresh Anointing International Ministry. He oversees a vision of sixteen ministerial gifts, and an international outreach, a bible school, and is the presiding prelate of a pastoral alliance fellowship. Bishop has received numerous licenses, certificates and has an Honorary Doctrine of Divinity. He is truly qualified and equipped for the task set before him. Bishop has made a mark that cannot be erased for his anointed flow in dancing before the Lord. He is called by many as the "Dancing Bishop", but he is also a general in bringing forth God's Word. Bishop Ellis is a husband to his partner in ministry, his wife, Apostle Heidi Ellis. He is also a devoted father, businessman, and spiritual father to many sons and daughters in the Lord. Let us now express the thought that Bishop Ellis so often say:

"Be Encourage, Stay Encourage, and Go with God".

For speaking engagement or conferences, call

Elder Sandra Ellis at 773-259-4833.



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