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                                  'A Fresh Start for a Fresh Future'
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Fresh Anointing Academy of Excellence provides a complete high school educational program through innovative continuing education.  We are state board certified private school.  Our certification will assure you that your high school diploma will be recognized across the united states and worldwide. We are dedicated to helping you succeed in this great opportunity that comes with obtaining a high school diploma. 

Fresh Anointing Academy offers a clean, stress-free, motivated learning environment.  We allow you through our unique approach of learning, to study and learn at your own pace. Our curriculum and self-paced courses can help you achieve your destine dream of success. As you choose our continuing education program, we will commit to helping you by providing programs that will land you an opportunity in enhancing you're potential educational and economical.  We offer:
                                        Educational Development
                                          Budget and finance
                                           Debt management
                                              Credit repair
                                           Parenting classes
                                          Help with housing
                                          And much more

This Academy purpose to foster professional standards, integrity, and accountability among staffing and members.  Our mission is to meet the need of every individual purpose so they may enhance their full developmental potential.  Our goal is the enable each individual to demonstrate the acceptable standard of operation and performance for living.

We need your support and contribution in making a life-changing effort in the lives of others. We are asking you to help us by sponsoring a student who desires to obtain their High School diploma. Help us to help them receive a second chance. With the help of God and by his grace, we can accomplish all.

Sponsorship Program: (1) student____$100; (2) students _____$200; (3) students ____$300 (4) students_____$400; (5) students _____$500 (10) ____$1000 ____other
All contribution are tax deductible.
Call to register: 
  Closed for this semester
Bus. Office (773) 609-0169

 Placement and Equivalent Exam: Call for date and time
                            1115 west 79th street
                            Chicago, Illinois 60620
                        $100.00 (non-refundable) fee
                  Sponsorships available - call for more information

All checks payable to Fresh Anointing Ministry
All form of credit cards accepted
Call 773-609-0169 credit card payments.