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The Fresh Anointing International Ministry believes that God is the complete authority and sufficiency for life. We have experience salvation only through repentance of and receive Jesus Christ as savior. We do believe in water and spirit baptism, and all the ministry in full operation. We exemplify the love of God in everything we do to be successful in our commitment. The primary mission of Fresh Anointing Int'l Ministry, is to equip men and women to minister the Word of God with power. We also are to stir up the gifts within that can help foster the development of each person potential.

The Word of God is our spiritual in life. By we are able to teach sound and balance doctrine. This will the believer to be, clear thinkers, and competent judges in what is right for their in the sight of God. We know that spiritual growth and daily fellowship with God will cultivate faith, good stewardship, self-denial, discipline, stability and spiritual empowerment in every aspect of our lives.  

'We are a Word, Worshiping, and Warfare Church'!

Bring your bible and have on your dancing shoes!

Presbytery Location:

1115 west 79th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60620

Office: (773)609-0169  

visit any and all services

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